Azores Geopark


The Azores archipelago has a rich and vast geodiversity, and an important geological heritage composed by several sites of scientific, educational and touristic interests.

Given the insular nature of the region, the Azores Geopark is supported on a geosites network dispersed by the nine islands and the surrounding seafloor, i) that ensures the representativeness of the geodiversity that characterizes the Azorean territory, ii) that reflects its geological and eruptive histories, iii) with common conservation and promotion strategies , and iv) based on a decentralized management structure with support in all the islands.



Caldeirão - Corvo Island

The Azores geosites represent elements of its geodiversity with an exceptional value and potential for many types of use.

Volcanoes, calderas, lakes, lava fields, fumaroles, hot springs and thermal waters, volcanic caves, "fajãs", fault scarps and marine fossil deposits, among others, are characteristic elements of the Azorean geological heritage.

Beyond this heritage, there are other values of reference in the archipelago, such as its rich biodiversity and the architectural, cultural, ethnographic and immaterial heritages of undeniable value.

Azores - living heritage

Thus, do walking trails, visit viewpoints, belvederes and tea plantations, do whale-watching, dive into the blue ocean, do bird-watching, enjoy the regional handicraft and taste the "Furnas stew", the regional sweets and wines, are some of the suggestions to enjoy in the archipelago.

Come to know the Azorean volcanoes and enjoy an eruption… of Flavours, Smells and Experiences!


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