What is a Geopark?


A Geopark is an area with well defined territorial expression and boundaries, where the existence of an exceptional Geological Heritage is the basis for a strategy that promotes the well-being of the population while maintaining the respect for the environment.

  Furnas - São miguel   Caldeira Velha - São miguel

Given its nature, a Geopark must comply with the objectives of:


Geoconservation to implement a strategy for preservation and promotion of sites of geological interest (geosites), with scientific, educational, scenic, cultural or touristic value (or relevance), as a way to protect the geological heritage for future generations;

Environmental education to promote environmental education and consciousness, and the importance of the geological heritage and its relationship with the surrounding environment; to support scientific research and dissemination, encouraging the dialogue between geoscientists and local population;

Sustainable development to stimulate the economic activity and sustainable development, through the promotion of Nature Tourism and Rural Tourism (e.g. geotourism) as an instrument for socio-economic development of the local populations; valuing the natural and cultural heritage and the revitalization of the traditional activities and products, associated to an image of excellence and quality.


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