The mission and goals of GEOAÇORES Association (Article 2. of the Statutes) are:

  • To promote and carry out actions with the aim of an environmental, socioeconomic, cultural, sustainable and balanced development of the Azores Autonomous Region, namely through the management of the Azores Geopark;
  • To promote and carry out environmental awareness actions and cultural and tourism animation actions;
  • To carry out actions of protection, conservation and dissemination of the natural heritage, especially the Geological heritage;
  • To carry out the collection, processing and dissemination of information about the environmental resources of the territory;
  • To promote and carry out cooperation actions with other entities which may contribute to fulfill the aims of the Association;
  • To integrate public or private entities which embody the framework of the Azores Geopark;
  • To provide services to the Association members, local agents or others.
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